What is Outsourcing??

Outsourcing is a process of altering the tasks to the external workforce for an abundant period. It also guides the enterprises in focusing more on the core process of the business. Back to a couple of years ago, outsourcing was seen as a severe risk; nowadays, it’s a common practice. There are many lists of trusted outsourcing companies, and more companies emerge on the market daily.



Benefits of outsourcing

An Extensive set of skills

The developers nowadays depend on a large number of framework, technology, or libraries. To be a good front-end or backend developer, it isn’t necessary to know all of them.

Outsourcing provides you with the doors to those programmers who are professional and expert in their respective field. If you’re looking for an Angular or React developer or a Full-stack developer expert, it will be much easier to hire them as a remote or outsourced team.



Every project consists of its budget, whether it’s from a start-up or corporate. If you want to cut some extra fees to reach a business goal, then outsourcing will be the best choice. Firstly, there is a vast difference between the hourly rates of the developers varies from a different location.


For example, you can hire a developer in the US at $150 per hour, while in India, you can hire app developer at just$15 per hour. Locations vary from each country while hiring an app developer either outsourcing web development projects.

Some list of expenses you have to bear while hiring an in-house team:

· Purchasing the equipment

· Training of the employees

· Renting an office space

However, in outsourcing, you have to only pay for is the time developers spent while building your project.




Experience doesn’t always depend on the seniority level of a developer. It is also based on how he collaborated and worked together with the team in past projects.


Developing software isn’t only about how to code but also to understand how to manage the process. Experience also means knowing what works and what doesn’t.

While building a plan for outsourcing web developers, you shouldn’t hire only developers, but also project managers who are enough experienced in handling software development.


Decreasing Burn Rate

Sometimes hiring your team of developers can be fascinating, but it also comes with some extra costs such as


· Office space

· Extravagant hiring process

· Renting out the equipment

· Onboarding

· Additional back-office charges

On the other hand, outsourcing enables you to reduce your costs by spending only on required developers or team members you need at the moment.



Mistakes to avoid when outsourcing

Poor selection process

Businesses form their decision very often without proper research of the market. They will commonly share their idea with an app development company, will inquire about the pricing and will choose the company which can make their app at a low price.


This is the #1 mistake while selecting an outsourced partner. Well, price is an essential factor but not the only one factor which should be considered. Some factors to be considered while looking for an outsourcing company:

· Experience & qualifications

· Location of an outsourced company

· Rates

· Technical expertise

· Physical & technical protection


Unclear vision & requirements

If you don’t have proper details for your project, the outsourced team won’t be able to work on anything, and things can get worse. Firstly, you need to work on your idea and then execute your idea software. Predominantly, communicate with your team clearly - it is necessary to have a good understanding of the project from both the sides; If anything is not clear, they should also ask questions.



The Bewilderment of cultural differences

This situation occurs when an outsourcing company is located abroad. Whether it’s by traditions, speaking intonations, gestures, or any other customs; discrepancies will always be evident between cultures even if there’s no language barrier. If the situations aren’t handled in a better way, it may cause process inefficiencies & communication breakdown.




In the end, I would suggest you be careful while choosing a company for outsourcing your web development projects. Have a look over the credentials & past reviews of the company. You can also discuss your outsourcing needs at our company. We provide outsourced bespoke digital solutions for your web venture and your business needs. Also, check out our article Best Outsourcing Pricing Models to Choose for your business.



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