Everyone is going more global and more digital for their business and why not? The world is getting closer day by day with the use of the latest technology, and business person should acquire this advantage and expand their business as much as possible. Nowadays, technologies are playing a very significant role as far as the marketing of your business is concerned and on the other hand, it is also very essential for a buyer of a service or product.

Furthermore, a plenty of researches have shown an improvement in the food ordering mobile app business among the folks practicing Smartphone applications to fulfill food-related needs.

Let’s have a look into feature list as generally offered by any standard food delivery app for customers:

  • Catalog/Menu
  • Finding (Search and Filters)
  • Nearest Restaurants / Food Zones (Geolocation)
  • Online Ordering
  • Online Payments
  • Order Tracking
  • Scheduled Delivery
  • Push Notifications
  • Loyalty Programs
  • Map Navigation

How does a food delivery app work?

A look into a regular scenario of most of the Food delivery app:

  1. After selecting items, Your customer will place an order from your app
  2. The placed order will directly reflect your Smartphone where you can review it
  3. You will decide the delivery time-taken(by delivery boy) which will be directly sent to the user after he placed an order.
  4. You will start cooking & can return back to the app to have a look at the previous records of your orders pending or reached.
  5. After the customer has received his/her order, he can review your food and delivery process individually from the orders section.


Delivery Models of Food delivery app

Milk and Run Model

A method in which delivery guy deliver the products in one go. For example, the delivery guy can deliver 2 or more orders in a sequence. The main benefit of this model is that it cut downs the human effort and expenses. The delivery guy moves in the form of a circle to deliver the orders to the customers. Many food delivery apps follow this work model process. However, the main disadvantage is that it creates confusion and delay in delivery.



Point to point Delivery Network

In this, the delivery guy stays in the standby mode near the restaurant. The delivery of the orders to the customers will be done at the fastest speed. For e.g., the delivery guy will stick around the restaurant till the order is placed by the customer, as soon as the order gets ready, the delivery guy will quickly pick the order and will reach to your destination.




When it comes to food delivery app, there is much space for improvement and development. Some of the restaurants are slow to acclimate to the modern technology. It is a room where you get an opportunity to grasp your business goals.

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